OpenVPN with ChromeOS and Sophos UTM

I’m going to save a bunch of yak and discussion about things I’m not qualified to discuss. Instead, below is a step-by-step to get a Chromebook or other ChromeOS device connecting to a Sophos UTM. A couple of notes: I was able to do this without enabling Developer Mode on the Chromebook I did require […]

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Importing AWS Keys to Use with Chrome Secure Shell

When connecting to an Amazon EC2 Linux instance, Amazon does not use passwords. Instead, they require public/private key exchanges. When you create an EC2 Linux instance, you have the opportunity to download and save the private key (.pem) file, which can be used to generate the private key. If you have the .pem file and want to […]

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UPS WorldShip Updates for Standard Users

Like many shipping locations, we have a workstation located in the warehouse used for shipping packages via UPS WorldShip. A problem we need to solve is that often (i.e. several times each month) when the WorldShip software starts, it automatically patches itself. If the user only has standard privileges, they are unable to update the software AND…the […]

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.NET Framework 3.5 Update Issues

In Windows 10 and newer, we can receive an error when trying to install .NET Framework 3.5. The cause of this issue might be because the computer is receiving updates from WSUS on a corporate network. Any easy solution: Log into AD Users and Computer and move the computer to a group that is not […]

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AT&T WiFi Calling

AT&T WiFi Calling Firewall Ports

Several of our office users were excited about AT&T’s WiFi Calling rollout this past week. We work in a moderately populated area, but are plagued by unfortunate office positioning with a nice and sturdy metal roof. So far, with limited testing, the results are fabulous and users at the back of the office are now receiving crystal clear voice […]

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Google Apps Script

Insert and Copy a Row (Including Formulas) With Google Apps Script

Sometimes we use Google Sheets like simple, flat, databases. Pump a bunch of data into a row and there is a whole host of things you can do. Utilizing the live document features and real-time sharing of Sheets and things can get pretty powerful. One of the problems encountered is users inserting or adding new […]

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Missed It

The $199 Chromebook is a Poor Choice for Enterprise Users

Update 1/13/2014: After originally posting this as “$199 Chromebook is Missing THE Point” and some heated discussion on the Chrome OS message thread, I was wrong in my assumptions. I went back and watched the Chrome OS announcement event from Dec 7, 2010. If you watch, it isn’t until around 1:02:50 that Sundar shifts the discussion to […]

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My good friend, Chris Lema, reveals his ‘end-game.’ Lots of good stuff coming up in December from

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That Ship Has Sailed

Can Windows Phone and RIM Survive BYOD?

It has been exciting the past couple of years to watch the rise and dominance of iOS and Android over the established mobile phone platforms of yesterday.  It isn’t every day that shifts in dominance take place, for example Excel overtaking 1-2-3 or Chrome overtaking IE.  Apple’s release of it’s iconic mobile device and subsequent […]

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