Mitchel LamanMy name is Mitchel Laman (take that, SEO) and I am technologist living in the Southeast US. I gravitate toward technology that is intuitive and I like to work with people who invent simple solutions to complex problems.

Today computing is as much a requirement in our everyday lives as transportation.  Yet, how many of us still rely on Nick Burns to help us through our daily routines?  The multiple faces of cloud services (XaaS) allow technology professional at all levels the ability to shape and transform the compute services they provide to their customers.

Along with modern compute technology that makes life less complicated, I have an affinity towards lean organizations. I prefer less management and posts and links from this site in the noteworthy section reflect my interests there.

I prefer functional programming to object-oriented (although there is space in the world for both). I prefer POSIX to Win32 (although there is space in the world for both).

This site exists mostly as a WordPress playground. I can post longer manuscripts here then on a social network, and my friends in those areas would probably be bored anyway. I think I read somewhere to become a better writer you need to write. Here I can practice writing. It has also morphed into a note-collection space for me. You know, those once-every-two-year tasks that end up taking hours of research to remember how you configured something. Maybe I can give back a little bit with a Google Search on a subject you were looking to fix.

If you are interested in my work history, click through to my name site or drop me a line and I can share my resume or cv.