Busted iPhone 3G

So I am at my niece’s birthday party last weekend and I get to talking about my new iPhone with my brother-in-law’s brother, Chris. To clarify – he is my wife’s sister’s husband’s brother, get that?

Anyway, Chris whips out his old iPhone 3G and HOLY CRAP the face of it looks like it has been dropped face first onto the concrete and then slammed in the door of a car! Turns out, that is exactly what happened…

First, Chris tells me, he accidentally dropped it a couple of months ago face first onto the concrete pavement which cracked the upper corner. Then a few months later, he continues, he was driving his car with the phone in his lap. When he arrived at his destination, he had forgotten it was sitting in his lap and simply got out of the car. The phone fell and magically rested onto the door-sill, which turned out to be a beautiful thing, because otherwise it would have landed on the asphalt again!

He went to shut the door and the door would not shut properly because the seat belt was caught in the door (or so he thought). He gave the door a couple more hard slams for good measure when what should his wondering eyes should appear but an iPhone 3G getting beat between the door like a four-year-old playing Wack-A-Mole.

He told me it still worked and then turned it on to show the proof. “Dang”, I said in full Joe Dirt fashion, “How do you run this thing without slicing the ends of your fingers off?” Remember, that’s glass Apple brags about in those displays, not some cheap plastic. This is the real deal that can make your prints untraceable like a James Bond movie.

So I whipped out my new 3GS and shot a video. Those are my precious fingers doing the demonstration, too. Only once though, that’s all the proof I needed. Hmmmm, maybe I will splurge for one of those fancy safety cases…

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