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Actual photo from desk of coworker

The Insecurity of Password Security

Astonishing, Shocking, and Surprising I have skimmed over several posts the past day-and-a-half detailing the seemingly shocking statistics regarding the lack of thought and security we end-users place when conjuring up passwords.  Gasp! Someone actually used 1234567 as a password?  Security consultants around the globe are printing these articles en masse, building their long awaited […]

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Time To Render 2 Min Video in iMovie 09

OS X.6 Upgrade (Snow Leopard)

Normally I’m not an early adopter, but I just couldn’t resist the proposed speed enhancements of Apple’s new baby.  So just to see if it is worth the $29, I went ahead handed over the cash, loaded 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and recorded some [very unofficial] tests. Conversion Overall, the conversion was an exercise in simplicity.  Lots […]

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Busted iPhone 3G

So I am at my niece’s birthday party last weekend and I get to talking about my new iPhone with my brother-in-law’s brother, Chris. To clarify – he is my wife’s sister’s husband’s brother, get that? Anyway, Chris whips out his old iPhone 3G and HOLY CRAP the face of it looks like it has […]

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