Concentric Network Solutions

For those of you searching for that quick-I-need-the-website-yesterday solution, herein lies the beauty of WordPress.

I came over this week to Concentric Network Solutions to help them jumpstart their new business model in Chattanooga, TN.  A telephony company with roots extending out to VoIP, Networking, and Data Management, they are a new startup of an old company that has been through some management pains.  Anyway, the Chattanooga Business Expo is in a couple of days and they need their web presense established.

While this is no full-functioning Internet commerce vortex, it is a great looking, one page information site that can drive new and old customers exactly where they need to go.  And the beauty?  Completed with time to spare for extras before the big show.

Project accomplishments:

  • Modern, clean website that is easy to navigate and void of clutter
  • Spin-up in less than two days
  • Less than $35 for a WP theme and we already had the servers ready!


  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • ThemeForest Business Minimist Theme
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